Pamela Tshwete

Ms Tshwete has been a MP since 2002 and a Whip since 2004.Her past parliamentary positions have been Chairperson of PC Arts & Culture; Chairperson of Ad hoc Committee on Filling of Vacancy on Commission for Gender Equity; Whip for PC Joint Monitoring Committee on the Improvement of Quality of Life & Status of Women; Women's Caucus. She was also active in the ANC Women's League National Executive Committee; Eastern Cape REC; and was exiled. Records indicate that she was recently involved with ANC Women's League National Executive Committee; ANC Women's League National Working Committee; ANC Women's League Eastern Cape Convener ANC activist. She received a Nursing degree and Primary Healthcare Certificate. Her personal statement on the ANC website is: “We, the government and NGOs, need to work together, not parallel, so that we know who is doing what and when. We need NGOs to be organized in clusters e.g. education, health, so that we can link more easily with each other”.

Family name: Tshwete
Given name: Pamela


  Dates Source
Uncedo Lwamakhosikazi Trading People's Assembly
uncedo Lwamakhusikizi Trading People's Assembly
V People's Assembly
Uncedo Lwamakhulusikizi Trading People's Assembly
Flashing People's Assembly

Financial interests

  Value Nature Dates Source
Mast Fishing Investment Holding - -
Thuthukani Women Investment - -
Mbashe Timber Products - -
Melody Hills Trading 196 - -
Nkonka Energy Resources - -
Thuthakani Women Investment - -
V & P Investment - -
Flashing Star - -
Mast Fishing Investment Holdings - -
Nkonkg Energy Resources - -
Uncedo Lwamakhusikasi Trading - -
uncedo Lwamakhusikazi Trading - -
Linomtha - Investment People's Assembly
V + P Investments - -
Holdings - -


  Status Role Dates Source
African National Congress (ANC) - Member People's Assembly
Joint Committee on HIV and AIDS - Member People's Assembly
Social Development - Member People's Assembly