Freddie Adams

Mr Adams has been an MP since 2002 and has served on the Select Committee on Economic Development, Select Committee on Trade and International Relations, and the Select Committee on Petitions and Members Legislative Proposals.

Telephone number: (021) 403 3001/083 709 8385


  Status Role Dates Source
Van Zyl v New National Party and Others (2000/002) [2003] ZAWCHC 17; [2003] 3 All SA 737 (C) (22 May 2003) - Respondent May 2003 to May 2003
African National Congress (ANC) - Member People's Assembly
NCOP Petitions and Private Members Legislative Proposals - Member People's Assembly
NCOP Trade and International Relations - Member People's Assembly
NCOP Economic Development - Chairperson People's Assembly
Ad Hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (NCOP) - Member People's Assembly
Select Committee On Economic Development - Member People's Assembly